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our story

The Lord Jesus has done great and marvelous things in our midst. Through this historical account we can see how God through Jesus Christ and the power and the Spirit's work has been commissioned to call the vessels that He wanted to use in ministry in different places, one by one.


21 years ago He opened the doors to start this ministry, in New York, calling our brothers David and Doris Gomez to this gospel of grace, letting them know what true freedom and responsibility in Christ is; and through them He sharing the same calling to all who get to known , experience, live and received this gift.

This ministry came out of the heart of God, using a family and then a small group, which then God himself is responsible for giving growth to. Today we are one church in13 different locations, in 3 continents and we believe that God will continue working mightily for His glory.

our identity



We are evangelical:

In its simplest expression it means that we believe that the Bible is the Word of God and therefore our only authority in all areas of life, and that people need to be saved by hearing and responding to the gospel of Christ.

We are reformed:

This means that we believe that the Bible emphasizes the Sovereignty of God in all things, we believe in man's inability to do what is spiritually good before God because of the fall and therefore salvation is the initiative of God from the beginning to the end, to His glory.

We are charismatic: 

This means that we believe in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that the ministries are gifts given by the Holy Spirit, and are valid today. As Christians we are called to live in the fullness, the power and the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and that we can long for the gifts of the Spirit.  

But we are first and foremost CHRISTIANS:

We have been loved by Christ, and now we love Him back. We believe He is our Lord, our only Savior. This separates us from all other religions, cults and philosophies. We believe and affirm the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed.

"But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, 5 he saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy..."        Titus 3:4-5


"Be a church that knows, lives and extends the love and passion for God´s Sovreign Grace."



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